Integer\Hotspot SA secures exclusive rights for SoPost invisible sampling platform

13 October, 2020 Johannesburg: Integer\Hotspot SA, a Through-The-Line marketing agency and a member of the Matrix Group, has announced its exclusive partnership agreement with SoPost that will enable local clients to benefit from SoPost’s digital sampling platform.
The SoPost sampling platform and its visualisation tool, “Campaign Manager” aims to be the most powerful product sampling platform in the world and will enable local brands to get their products into the right consumers’ hands as well as collecting valuable data and insight.
Integer Hotspot SA said synergies influenced its partnership with SoPost. Both companies are interested in delivering to touchpoints that create connections and accelerate transactions. 
The agency has become synonymous with result-driven communication solutions that bring brands to life. In contrast, SoPost has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing technology companies, partnering with more than 200 brands across markets in the UK, North America and Europe.
“As sampling continues to play a significant role in getting brand products in the right hands, we’ve found a partner that has built a powerful technology solution that will help us unlock the value of our customer products,” said Di Wilson, CEO of Integer\Hotspot.
Continued Wilson: “We are very pleased to join forces with SoPost to harness their technology to deliver sampling products and engage customers invisibly.”
The rise of product sampling marks a significant opportunity for companies such as Integer\Hotspot to drive revenue while retaining and attracting high-quality customers. Although the use of social media is on the rise, it comes with challenges such as sampling to the right consumers and measuring returns on investment.
“As a trusted partner to the world’s largest global brands, we have a unique vantage point from which to identify and provide the most advanced solutions for our clients,” said Wilson.
“This platform removes the limitations associated with traditional forms of sampling and makes the process easier and more efficient. We help our clients drive sales and deliver a high return on investment whilst also capturing valuable data and analytics.”
SoPost’s proprietary sampling platform neatly combines the world of free samples, social media advocacy, publicity, customer acquisition and loyalty in a straightforward process.
The platform also offers many advantages, such as using social media to reach customers and then provide feedback on the items to the clients. It also collects location, age and gender insights from those who ordered a sample, along with detailed feedback on whether they’d recommend it, what ratings they’d give and whether they’re likely to purchase it.
The pandemic has changed the rules of product trials. It will result in an evolution of consumer behaviours and attitudes, which in turn will force the health and beauty industry to adapt.
“At Integer\Hotspot, it’s our mission to stay at the forefront of change and lead the way for brands to enable their customers to interact with their products. Hence our partnership with SoPost to upend sampling of products in South Africa post-COVID-19 pandemic,” explains Wilson.
“This is a perfect platform to sample directly using the opt-in platform. It ensures hygiene and cleanliness become top priorities for consumers in the post-COVID-19 era and enabling smart sampling.”
The SoPost platform enables intelligent sampling for both high-end and low-end Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products. The platform is overcoming challenges of copycats by ensuring that it keeps ahead of them through new sampling solutions that make them better at what they do. It ensures that SoPost remains the most compelling product sampling platform in the world.
“Finally, we are excited to bring a sampling product that harnesses data to help brands measure the precise impact of each campaign,” says Wilson.
For more information or to use the platform for your campaign, please contact Di Wilson on 083 676 1822 or email
About Integer\Hotspot
Hotspot, is a shopper marketing agency founded by Di Wilson who has vast advertising agency experience including managing full-service agencies, medical and shopper marketing entities. She has focused on marketing experience and retail intelligence for clients based in Southern Africa.
Initially established as POD Communications in 1999, Hotspot was launched in 2016. In 2018, Hotspot became the proud South African affiliate of Integer Global, an Omnicom Group commerce branding and selling agency. This led to the establishment of a new agency Integer\Hotspot.
About SoPost
SoPost is building the most powerful product sampling platform in the world, with a focus on relevance, data and analytics. Founded by Jonathan Grubin in 2012, SoPost’s platform is used by hundreds of brands in 14 countries, to deliver highly effective sampling campaigns through a range of online channels. SoPost employs 42 people across its offices in Newcastle, UK, London, UK, and New York, USA, and was ranked as the 49th fastest growing company in the 2020 Sunday Times Tech Track 100’s listing of the UK’s fastest-growing private technology companies.